Defining An ADU

An ADU is an additional living space added to a property where there is already a primary residence. An ADU must contain a completely separate and self-functioning residence. ADUs can be a detached structure or an addition to the primary residence.

AN ADU can be a brand new detached structure, or it can be converted from another space such as a pool house, a garage, or an unused basement.

Why Build An ADU?

For much of the younger generation, the dream of one day owning their own home is out of reach. Housing costs have skyrocketed beyond what is attainable for many people. Some people from the older generation who are in retirement may be struggling to maintain a home that is too big and too costly. The Ontario government is promoting the construction of ADUs to provide desperately needed housing to those who couldn’t otherwise afford it.

If you have extra, unused space on your property, an ADU offers you the opportunity to create an independent living space and perhaps even generate an income from it.

Tiny Home Opportunities

ADU can offer lots of advantages depending on your needs.

  • RENTAL INCOME – an excellent source for additional income. Building an ADU in underutilized yard space can provide additional income and future capital appreciation.
  • ELDERLY PARENT – an ADU can provide a home for an elderly parent, keeping them safer and closer to family while still giving them their privacy.
  • YOUNGER GENERATION – an ADU can be the perfect opportunity for younger adults to live independently in a space they can afford while giving them the chance to save money for the future.
  • AGING IN PLACE – At a certain age, you may no longer want a large home to take care of. Having an ADU allows you to scale down and and rent out your larger home while staying in the same location.
  • FLEXIBLE HOUSING – an ADU can be used as a guest house for visiting friends and family, or it can provide emergency housing for someone who desperately needs it. No matter the reason, it’s ready and waiting.