Windsor ADU Contractor
with Decades of Experience

Scarfone ADU is owned and operated by Santos Scarfone who has been in the construction business all his life. In the early 1950’s his father Antonio Scarfone built Scarfone Construction, a business providing cement work, home improvements, foundation, and waterproofing services. Being the only son, Santos began working with his father at an early age and later took over the family business, which today continues to have an A+ Rating with the BBB.

While Scarfone Construction has designed and built many home additions and garage conversions over the years, it was not until recently that the provincial government removed barriers for municipalities to permit additional residential units. It was at that point Santos recognized that his many years of construction experience would be a perfect fit for a growing ADU market.

ADU Contractor, Windsor, Essex County, Santos Scarfone.
Santos Scarfone with Grandson

Committed To Affordable Living Alternatives

Scarfone ADU is committed to providing individuals and families with more affordable housing solutions. As a result of several market trends across the country, we believe seniors and young adults need our help, in the form of smaller, affordable homes. Our custom built ADUs make it easier for seniors to stay in their homes and for young adults to gain access to homeownership at an affordable price. With the continued rise in the cost of living, skyrocketing housing prices, and the lack of housing availability, we believe a greater focus needs to be placed on creating affordable housing solutions for those in need.

Scarfone Construction has proven itself to be a trusted contractor in the Windsor and Essex County. We have developed many long-term relationships with our clients and do everything possible to exceed their project expectations. We have been a member of the Better Business Bureau since 1983. Our A+ Accreditation Rating is reflective of many things we do – all related to customer satisfaction. We are also members of the LaSalle Business Association.

Our Philosophy

Our skilled team of builders all share the same philosophy: Build affordable homes with uncompromising quality and care. We are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions that meet their needs and budget. We believe everyone has a right to have a home that is comfortable and affordable.