Property Assessment

Our first priority to you is to make sure that you are allowed to have an ADU on your property. Ontario Regulations outline where ADUs can or cannot be constructed, the maximum size allowed, and rules for how ADUs can be accessed by the residents living in them.

Scarfone ADU will do all the research and zoning work to ensure that your ADU is constructed to Ontario Building codes as well as adhering to the municipal by-laws. We may also offer guidance on how construction (and the completed ADU) may affect you and your neighbors. We will also be responsible for any and all permits, inspections, and planning approvals needed.

Consultation & Planning

Once we know what kind of ADU is allowed on your property, we’ll discuss all the options with you to make sure that you and the residents of the ADU will be comfortable with the results.

ADU Design Plans, Scarfone ADU Windsor, Essex County

Custom-Designed ADU Plans

Scarfone ADU offers a variety of design services to fit your needs. The design we create may depend on Ontario regulations, municipal by-laws, and property restrictions. We take all that into consideration when planning your ADU development. Whether you are converting an existing space or building a new structure, we will help you choose the most appropriate layout and design to fit your needs while adhering to all regulations.

Our plans can range from a simple single space studio apartment to a two-bedroom tiny home.

Tiny Home Construction

When all the other detail are taken care of, it’s time to start building your ADU. We will have the permits and the floorplan, now it’s time to start the work.

You can be assured that you’ll be updated with every step along the way. As each construction phase is complete, we’ll make sure the necessary inspections are performed and official so that we can proceed. Our construction team will respect you and your property, cleaning up as we go. Before we leave, you will have a completely finished ADU, ready for you to move in and add your personal decorating to

ADU Construction Process